Pitch Deck For Startup

A pitch deck is easy to rearrange so that, it allows you an effective experiment with the flow, tune, and pictorial representation of your story. They consist mostly of images & few bullet points, and this feature forces you to visualize the importance rather than getting them to wander and literally lost in the habit of detailing.

Often sometimes, when things don’t seem to be working out, it is then easy and advisable to pivot in a new direction with a pitch deck. And if you know that you are really moving in need of a pitch deck at coming times, you should probably develop and refine your deck before you start on the narrative business plan.

If you are trying to persuade people to “buy-in” to your story and become supporters- say beta customers, potential strategic partners, advisors, co-founders, or employees – a pitch deck is often the best medium for expressing your story.

If you are on the work due for those sophisticated investors – as an angel group or a venture capital fund – you will certainly need a pitch deck. In fact, some investors will ask that you an email of your pitch deck rather than an executive summary of a detailed business plan (although you will eventually need a full business plan when the investors begin their due diligence). If the investor invites you to their office for a meeting, your deck will provide structure to your meeting. You have decided to hire a professional pitch deck consultant service to help you bring investment to your company. But, do you really know what it takes to professional pitch deck?

Our approach to make a Great Pitch Deck- Pitch Deck designed by GSPU helps you achieve your goals with your target audience. We Professionally and creatively highlight the various factors such as Length, Content, Focus, Aesthetics, delivery, etc. to ensure that the deck has maximum impact for your specific situation.

Create a Pitch Deck of your Startup

If you don’t have the time or the skill to put together a pitch deck, or if you think that it is better for you to benefit it from an outside perspective, GSPU is here at your hands to grab them in help. As we generally follow a two-step process:

Create a Pitch Deck of your Startup

Our pitch deck will cover the following:


Introduction of business model


Promotors & proffesional experience


Market size & industry potential overview


Problem statement & solution


Nature of the company & the scalability


Short-term, long term goals, mission & vision of the business


Business & revenue model in depth


How the company approaches the market


Roadmap, timelines milestones for the organisation


Competion scenario


Financial projections, funding amount, valuation & utilization of funds


Risk mitigation strategy & SWOT analysis


Investment required


Exit strategy


Recommendation & Conclusion

Content & Design

This is a premium pitch deck service that will ensure you get a finished product, ready for confidently engaging with investors. You get started by requesting a quote and the process is pretty straight forward from there.

It involves work sessions with a team of top-notch professionals and includes the creation of any needed custom graphic materials, as well as professional, copyright-free imagery. The breakdown of GSPU’s service, and similar on the two other players, looks like this:

It all can take around two weeks but that depends on the status and complexity of your project. Some aspects that will be worked on, are items like product showcase, business model, market opportunity, competition, a financial overview, traction and more. The more developed you have these, the smoother the process will be.

Presentation Redesign

GSPU also offers a service for those who just need to bring new life to an existing deck. It keeps the human touch, giving you the chance to talk to the designer beforehand, letting them pay closer attention to details. The features of our Pitch Deck are